Membership Instructions


 In order to become a member of our collective please follow the instructions listed below:

  •  When you arrive at SFOGG please bring with you a valid California issued doctors recommendation, as well as a government issued ID, or passport. we do accept out of state ids for signing up
  • If you'd like to skip the sign-up process in shop, follow the same directions and use the "Patient Sign-Up" module below to become a member before coming into the club.
  • Complete and agree to our collective agreements. 

  • After verification we will keep your recommendation on file, but require you to bring your state id every time you come to the shop. 

  • You are now a member of sffogg. 


for Delivery:
If you have not used meadow before, please follow the instructions listed below in order to purchase delivery, or in store pick-up. you will be prompted to create an account through meadow for our collective. 

If you do not have a medical marijuana prescription, or need a renewal we have provided 3 websites for you in order to have a consultation with a doctor either via FaceTime, or in person. 



Compassionate Health:


After getting your prescription you will need to Sign Up for our collective below & place your order HERE!